#NewFaces: Fleur Van Der Hoeven


Keeping to our tradition of discovering a new talented face every month, this month’s favourite is model extraordinaire & positive body advocate, Fleur Van Der Hoeven. Represented by London’s coolest modelling agency, Models 1, Fleur started her career as a personal trainer as was incredibly passionate about sports. Also harbouring a love for fashion, Fleur then made a career change to modelling, quickly gaining prominence in the competitive industry. We sit down with the talented beauty to discuss her journey, the importance of finding balance & her many sources of inspiration.



Photo: Courtesy of Models 1

Photo: Courtesy of Models 1

The Modelling Journey


Fleur: I wasn’t really into modeling in the beginning, but I always loved fashion! After I had done a few shoots I really enjoyed doing it! I got really inspired when I saw models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence, then I thought I am going to show the world that you don’t need to be a sample size 34 to be beautiful and I started with curve modeling and I hope that more and more different body types are going to be accepted in the fashion industry!


The Process of Being Scouted


Fleur: A photographer suggested to do a shoot with her when I was 16 and when she saw the pictures she told me I had to do something with that. So I got signed by some agencies in the Netherlands, but I was in still in high school as well. I did a lot of castings and a few shoots, but I noticed that I did not meet the sizes and was often rejected. Someone told me to look abroad for a good curvy agency, so I was in London and went to models1 and I got signed with them on the curve board!


The Balance Between Fitness & Modelling


Fleur: I just like it to feel fit and eat healthy, but I also love to  snack and I think that’s fine, too! When I don’t have to get up very early I like to start the day with my workout. I live in London next to a park and I like to do my own kind of bootcamp workout there, sometimes other models join me that’s a lot of fun! When I had a busy day I love to do some yoga in the evening! My mother is a yoga teacher so I learned a lot from her and do it at home or I go to a class.
I love to go boxing, I try to do it once a week but I would like to do that more so I am planning to do that! Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation to workout when your tired but than I think about the feeling after your workout and that’s great and you just have to grab your ass together and just GO!


Photo: Courtesy of Models 1

Photo: Courtesy of Models 1

The Importance of A Positive Body Image


Fleur: I think it’s very important to love your body and feel confident about yourself! Don’t let your expectations be so high by compering yourself to others! Set realistic goals for and tell yourself that you ARE good enough!
Also be honest with yourself and not unreasonable by doing crazy diets! Working out gives me a lot of confidence because you achieve your personal goals with your body and that makes you feel great!


A Usual Day in Fleur’s Life


Fleur: A usual day in my life…… every day is different haha! But when I don’t have a shoot I like to work out in the morning make a nice breakfast, and do my emails. Then go to my castings and I really like doing photography myself so I like to shoot other models when I have time! In the evening I really like to cook! First I wasn’t that good in cooking but I am trying and learning and now I love to cook for other people as well so I can hear their opinion!


Photo: Courtesy of Models 1

Photo: Courtesy of Models 1

Fleur’s Sources of Inspiration


Fleur: Good energies inpire me a lot! And all the creative people around me in the fashion industry really inpire me! Also when people speak are open and honest about them self, if you dare to be vulnerable, I think that is very inpiring! I believe that thinking positive is the key to a lot of things and it makes life so much more fun! I don’t take myself too seriously all the time, just do it and have fun! I learn from life and my mistakes, when you have a dream or a goal don’t give up and when it seems to not work out but find an other way that fits you!


Fleur’s SS18 Essentials


Fleur: The cat eye glasses, love those! And I love the trend that you wear everything in one color! I am into the high plateau shoes, because they go with almost everything and it’s super comfy! I also wear a small backpack very often because I like to have my stuff with me but don’t want to carry a heavy back, and this is the perfect solution for that I think!


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Models


Fleur: I would say don’t give up when someone says you can’t be a model, proof them wrong! Don’t take things too personal, work hard and have a lot of fun!


Photo: Courtesy of Models 1

Photo: Courtesy of Models 1



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