#NewFaces: India Glover


Having been scouted by prominent modelling agency, Models 1, at a very early age, prodigy India Glover is truly a sartorial superstar in her own right. Having built her career over the years & developed an in-depth understanding of the world of modelling, it would be safe to say that India is somewhat a veteran (albeit a very young one). Inspired by her journey & experiences, we sat down with the model to discuss her aspirations, new season essentials & insider tips.




Photo: Courtesy of Models1

The Modelling Journey


India: I was inspired to start modeling when I met the amazing and enthusiastic people that scouted me (Joe and Robyn). They made me believe in my own ability to make something out of it! So far, my journey has been great. I’ve met some super cool people, worn some very cool clothes, and learnt so much about the fashion industry.


The Process of Being Scouted


India: When I was scouted I thought it was the best thing ever! I was very excited to get involved; the only thing holding me back was my age I guess! Being scouted so young has meant that I have got to know the agency and everyone there really well, so now I feel comfortable and well supported, especially as I work more and more.


India’s Aspiration


India: I think the fact I’ve been involved with Models 1 and the industry for so long has really given me the motivation now to take my career as far as I can go (I can’t have been hanging around all this time for nothing!). Having followed M1 girls on social media since I was very young, and seen them become more and more successful, I feel like I would love that to be me now.


Industry Interactions


India: My interactions so far have shown me how exciting and innovative the industry is. I have met some really inspiring people, from every aspect of the fashion world. But, it definitely requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your dreams.



Photo: Courtesy of Models1

A Usual Day in India’s Life


India: It really depends to be honest! At the moment, I either wake up and go for a run or go to the gym. I then go to castings or a shoot. Maybe look in a few shops on my way around London. If I’m not working, I’ll see friends or something! I like to keep busy, otherwise I get bored pretty quickly.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


India: I find a lot of inspiration when looking on social media and in magazines at photographer’s work and following which models are being featured. I’m also very inspired by music; I like a pretty broad range of artists (something for every mood and occasion).


The New Season Essentials


India: I would always say a good pair of trainers; I’m definitely a trainer girl, I would love a pair of the Balenciaga sneakers. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with RayBans when it comes to sunglasses. I can’t do without my gold round metal sunnies.


The Inside Tip for Aspiring Models


India: My top tip for aspiring models is to always be true to yourself and what/who you want to be. In this industry there can often be pressure to alter yourself in different ways, but I think to truly enjoy it and make the most of it you have to know you’re doing yourself proud. Also, just be nice and friendly as much as possible, it makes meeting so many people so much more fun!



Photo: Courtesy of Models1


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