Streetstyle Star and Rising Entrepreneur: Christopher Chung


Last month during London Fashion Week, we came across an entrepreneur-meets-influencer who not only boasts of the coolest Instagram feed (his mix of fashion and lifestyle inspiration constantly has us scrolling through his page), but is also redefining the digital media scene as we know it. Based between London & Hong Kong (two incredible cities nonetheless), Christopher Chung is your ‘go-to’ for all things digital media, as well as some major sartorial inspo. Intrigued by the talented 21 year old’s journey & work, we sat down with Chris to discuss all things fashion, social media & SS18.


Christopher Chung

Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Chung


The Journey Thus Far


Chris: There wasn’t a definitive moment where I knew I wanted to get into fashion.  Till this day I still don’t consider myself as a fashion expert or anything;  I only started developing a real passion for fashion around 3 years ago.  I started out wanting to try digital content creation and fashion and lifestyle content was just what I naturally gravitated towards. With my very limited knowledge 3 years ago, I decided to take a deep dive into Instagram and curate content consistently.

The journey has been incredible.  Being in the fashion space has allowed me to start my own digital marketing agency in Hong Kong and also attend events that I would’ve never thought I would be able attend 3 years ago.  It was always a goal to get paid to do what I love, so it really does feel surreal now that it actually happens and I’m able to work with brands like Dior and Ralph Lauren.

I still have so much to learn to build and grow a personal brand and business but I am very excited for the rest of 2018 as there are a lot of big projects in the works!


Finding The Right Balance


Chris: As cliche as this sounds, it all boils down to planning and time management.  Juggling being a digital content creator whilst running a marketing agency and also an e-commerce group all at the same time can get disastrous quick without proper planning.  However, I tend to try to plan my days ahead as much as I can and always give myself more time than I think I need.  Nothing sucks more than making a list of all the things you thought you are able to get through in a day and end up only finishing two.

I also try to structure my schedule to stay as consistent as possible. I try not to mix days where I’m suppose to focus on work for my marketing agency with my e-commerce work.  This way I am able to stay focus on tasks at hand.


Christopher Chung

Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Chung


A Usual Day in Chris’ Life


Chris: It’s tough to say because no two days are really the same.  However, my day typically consists of shoots, meetings and also spending hours working on my laptop.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Chris: Being inspired has never been a hard task for me just because I’ve always had a very clear vision of where I want to be in the future and the lifestyle I want to live.  So each day is just about taking a step closer to that goal.


The New Season Essentials for SS18


Chris: I love how there is now a hybrid mix of street-style meets high-end clothing, so there are a few styles that I would definitely add to my wardrobe for SS18: Tie waist jackets,’Wet look’ pieces, pinstripe/vertical stripe, one tone outfits (bright and/or pastel colours) and the ‘Lazy PJ’ look.


Christopher Chung

Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Chung


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Fashion Entrepreneurs


Chris: I get this question a lot so I would always tell them a few things:

1. Connections: I cannot stress how important knowing the right people is in this industry.  It already is important enough for life in general but even more so in fashion.  Knowing the right people would often be the determining factor of whether you get invited to the right shows and jobs.  So definitely don’t be shy and put yourself out there and network as much as possible.

2. Do Your Homework:  Just like everything else, you need to have the knowledge.  Really spend time learning about everything in fashion and soak up anything you can.  Even the minor details of stitching and choice of fabric plays a very important role.  Choose a fashion style that interests you and start there.  Don’t just think that a afternoon read on Hypebeast will make you an expert overnight.  It is a lot to learn so you don’t have to rush it but always try to pickup things here and there.

3. Pay to Play:  Fashion is a very expensive game so be prepared to spend.  Not everyone has the capital to spend on clothes, I know I didn’t so you are going to have to be smart and resourceful.  This goes back to doing your homework because being ‘stylish/fashionable’ isn’t always about who can get the latest Balenciaga jacket or Gucci shoes but actually being creative.  A lot of my friends are able to buy very affordable clothing and accessories and either customise it themselves to make it look good or just mix and match and look amazing.

4. Content is King:  If you aspire to be a fashion influencer, creating good content is everything. Needless to say, fashion is all about the aesthetics and so your Instagram content needs to portray the best of the best.  So really take time to plan and curate your content.  Be creative and experiment!  Numbers are important but trust me on that if you put out good content consistently the people will come to you.

5. Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game:  This is purely my personal opinion but sometimes constantly being in the fashion industry can be a little much.  People in the industry or at shows can sometimes get serious to a point where it is somewhat intimidating and unfriendly. So just remember to loosen up and not always take things too seriously.  At the end of the day, we’re just talking about clothes.


Learning Personal Branding from Chris

Chris: Besides the tips that I’ve given above, I’ve actually put together a free complete step-by-step ‘Ultimate Instagram Guide’, where people can follow and build out their own Instagram.  With that, they also get put into a exclusive closed Instagram ‘Mastermind group’ on Facebook where my team and I provide weekly content and coaching.  Only 500 spots are made available so if anyone is interested, do click the link below to make sure you get your spot – remember it is all FREE! You can find the guide here.


Christopher Chung

Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Chung



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